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By supplementing your medical plan with Critical Illness Insurance, you have the option
1. To go to another country to seek treatment.

2. Modifications to your home to accommodate a wheel chair

3. To include medications to combat the side effects of cancer treatment.

4. Many other expenses NOT covered by a provincial heath care plan.

Critical Illness Insurance pays a tax-free LUMP SUM on diagnosis of any one out of the list of serious illnesses - including cancer and heart attacks. When I ask clients how they would currently fund these types of expenses, many say they would have to dip into their long-term savings, like RRSPs. Consider the benefits you may already have available through life and group health insurance. Some group plans provide partial coverage in the event of a critical illness, meaning, you may only need a small amount of Critical Illness Insurance to be adequately insured.


The statistics speak for themselves. They reveal the fact that more and more Canadians, at even younger ages, will be confronted by Cancer in their lifetime. One out of three people will develop cancer in their lifetime. Three out of four families will be affected. More than 70% of the costs linked to cancer are NOT covered by the provincial health insurance plan.

Source: Canadian Cancer Society

What if this happens? Would you like to be able to work less and take the time you need to recover, without having the pressure of returning to work as soon as possible for financial reasons?

Critical Insurance provides a lump-sum benefit, following a survival period of typically 30 days after diagnosis of one of the critical conditions covered by the plan. You can use the benefit payment any way you wish, to make living with one of the life-altering conditions more comfortable

Being diagnosed with Cancer or any critical illness is a devastating event, not just for you, but also for your spouse, your family and even your business partners. These medical conditions require you to leave your job to focus on getting well. The financial burden can be worrisome (loss of income, bills and loans still have to be paid, additional costs in medication, special treatment etc.)

The benefit is TAX-FREE and can be used as you wish, with no restrictions to

  • Pay medical costs for specialized treatments;
  • Provide you with home nursing care;
  • Enable your spouse to take a leave without pay to be by your side;
  • Pay for childcare expenses;
  • Reduce your financial obligations (mortgage or personal debts);
  • Preserve your retirement capital;
  • Etc.

Focus your energy on RECOVERY and NOT worry about your finances!!!


Heart attack

Heart valve replacement

Occupational HIV infection

Benign brain tumour



Parkinson's disease

5 childhood illness:

Cerebral palsy

Types 1 diabetes

Alzheimer's disease

Loss of limbs

Severe burns



Loss of independent existence

Congenital heart disease

Bacterial meningitis

Major organ failure on waiting list for transplant


Kidney failureLoss of speech

Aplastic anaemia

Major organ transplant

Cystic fibrosis

Coronary artery bypass

Aortic surgery

Motor neuron disease


Multiple sclerosis

Muscular dystrophy

* May vary with different insurance companies